Appreciating 1/6-comma — Temperament Part III

(Originally posted in March, 2010) By now we hopefully understand that the Pythagorean temperament is really a stack of pure perfect 5ths (Pythagorean 5ths) and can bring out melodic beauty, and the temperament based on the narrow 5ths, each tampered by a quarter of a syntonic comma (mean-tone 5ths), can bring out chordal beauty.  Then… Read More Appreciating 1/6-comma — Temperament Part III

Hating and loving 1/6-comma — Temperament Part II

(Originally posted in March, 2010) In the previous blog entry, I mentioned that you can characterize those temperament systems as either harmonic systems or melodic systems.  The Pythagorean tuning is suited for monophonic lines because of the sharper mediants and leading tones, and thus it is a typical example of a melodic system.  Not great… Read More Hating and loving 1/6-comma — Temperament Part II