I’m still here!

It’s been more than a half year since I posted the previous blog entry…  I don’t know how I let the time get away like this.  I still have much to say, and I still love to write when I have the time that I can somehow justify spending for blogging.

One big reason I didn’t write during this past summer and in the fall this year (2013) was definitely my exhaustion at Marlboro Music Festival— it was the busiest summer I ever had.  Having no true days off for 8+ weeks, and getting no fishing (to me a real therapeutic activity) during the festival season for 7 weeks, seriously wore me down to the extent from which I never felt like I had recovered.

This isn’t to say that I had the worst summer at Marlboro— I was just very very busy because of my role at the festival that expanded like a pufferfish.  We will absolutely have to make it more manageable next summer though… No matter how stressful this newly added part of my job could get, I’d still very much enjoy that part.  Why?  Because that part has something to do with Bach! : )

Anyway, now that all grading’s done, I should be able to get back to this!

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