Moving complete

So, finally I made the move from the MobileMe website to this blog-oriented content management system.  Not that I’ll be blogging more often or anything, but I like the idea of being mobile and able to post a blog from anywhere, on any Internet-connected devices.  And finally I’ve made my old domain name more than just an e-mail address— it’s nice to be able to use it as a URL.

Since my last blog entry to my old site at MobileMe, I’ve moved from Bloomington to Philadelphia.  Another big thing that happened to me since then is that I was given the opportunity to direct St. John Passion in a concert in Tokyo.  Perhaps I’ll write about it.

This time around, on this CMS, I’ll be trying not to make each blog entry like an essay, like I was doing before…!  I know I’ll fail, but I’ll be trying.

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