The 2010 Marlboro Season

(Originally posted on August 19, 2010)

The 2010 Marlboro season has ended.  This morning, for the first time in 8+ weeks, I woke up in a room that was not Random North 7.  I’m no longer in Marlboro— and I don’t even want to think what that means to me.  I know, I’ll just have to face the harsh reality.

This season was a difficult one for me.  Not only that I had heavier loads this year as head librarian, but also that especially earlier I had been always physically exhausted, probably because of the lifestyle-shift from inactive and calm one in the plaster cast before the season to very active and social one during the season.  I really didn’t have a positive outlook on the season coming in, and I didn’t think at all that I could change it into a positive one.

This Marlboro season was probably one of the most disastrous seasons as far as I’m concerned.  The injury I sustained while fishing, the number of expensive rental materials we handled in the library, some unusually difficult requests/tasks to comply, ugly politics, et cetera, et cetera…  I might have disappointed a few people with my decision of not making the Marlboro Bach T-shirts this year, but it was an inevitable decision, I’d have to say.

But my season was saved.  It was saved by the people around me, and it was saved by Bach.  The truly heartfelt moments of the summer were when some of the musicians played some Bach for me, one-to-one, and when some of them read some Bach with me.  Listening to their Bach totally uplifted my soul…  They have no idea how much their Bach — and their willingness to play Bach for/with me — did for me and meant to me.  It felt as if I had their trust… and that they could lean on me with their open hearts.  And I truly hope I was able to receive the whole that they tried to give me.  What’s better music than Bach, the epitome of human goodness, to feel the absolute beauty that resides in our hearts?

I’m typing this at my friend Joe’s in Ithaca, New York.  He is a Marlboro musician and he is practicing right now— this is somewhat like continuation of Marlboro (minus work), and I think it helps make this turn of the phases gradual.  I will be facing the uneasy reality soon— but the inspiration from this past Marlboro season should be good positive energy that helps my march forward.  ..Your Bach does more for me than you can possibly imagine.

: )

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