Long absence

(Originally posted on February 18, 2011)

Now I see that I had been away from this blog for more than three months.  The reason isn’t as trite as you think it is— I won’t say that I was too busy or I forgot that I had this blog.  Simply that my mind had been occupied with one important thing: my own health.

I have a few pituitary hormone deficiencies.  My pituitary got damaged at birth, and I don’t have some important hormones your body usually needs.  It seems that my body is weaker than normal (don’t know for sure as I never borrowed somebody else’s body), and my metabolism had been totally out of whack.  And due to my financial situation, I had to do something about it without getting much professional medical help.  I had spent a large part of last fall educating myself of my own condition and doing something about it…  All in all, after losing nearly 60 pounds of weight and some brain power, I’ve regained some stability, and today I think I’m doing okay; I consider what I went through is over, and its outcome turned out to be more positive than negative.

The biggest change that I had made after some serious study about my own medical condition is the food I eat daily.  Since regaining the stability after the huge swing of physiological things, I have concluded that my body is the happiest when I eat like Japanese people had eaten a hundred years ago.  And, as any of you health nuts expected, I’m now totally for whole grains.  As a matter of fact, lately I’ve been cooking my rice (brown rice, naturally) with buckwheat and millet mixed in, and have it as the cornerstone of my diet.  The unexpected part of it is that I enjoy the taste of my rice; I had been a white rice person as the majority of Japanese people still are, and I doubted that I enjoy the taste and dry texture of cooked brown rice, but at least for now, I do enjoy the nutty flavor of my rice, possibly thanks to buckwheat groats that I mix in.

Eating healthily ain’t cheap.  You wonder why less-refined brown rice could cost more than white rice, but that’s the way it is.  I try to see it as that the price is based on the nutritious value when it comes to rice.  I don’t know if I’ll be on the same kind of regimen a year from now, but we’ll see.  I do enjoy what I eat, and how I eat, for the time being…!

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