Spring has come— fishing season is here!

Griffy Lake, Bloomington, Indiana (June 2006)

(Originally posted in March, 2010)

This week has been IU’s spring break week.  I’ve been taking advantage of this unusually mild weather lately and have gone fishing a few times already this week.  I don’t remember going fishing during the spring break in the past, so I suppose we are lucky this year to have had a few warm days before the break that raised the water temperature for some good fishing this week!

There are many different kinds of fishing — the kind I like is fresh water fishing using artificial baits.  I really love lure fishing for bass and fly fishing for trout!  For some reason I don’t have much aspiration to catch huge fish like sailfish, sturgeon, halibut or tuna, and for me, fishing in a stream or on a beautiful lake is just about perfect.

Catching fish is fun, no question about it.  But I do realize that, after all, it’s not the fish I’m after.  It’s the time you spend fishing in the nature.  It’s the experience, and it’s the escape.  Griffy lake is only about 8 minutes away from my place, and just like taking a walk when you’re tired of studying or practicing, you can get there and fish for an hour, or even less.  And that’ll do so much for me.

The breeze, the sound, the sky, the water, and everything in between.  When you feel the fish nibbling on your bait, it is like having a conversation between you and the wildlife over a string telephone.  Fishing is a long lasting moment outside your realm of cruel and harsh reality.  If you are hesitant about the act of setting the hook on a fish, you still can fish with a barbless hook, or a hookless bait… you shouldn’t keep away from fishing — it’s too beautiful an activity not to do it.

Let’s go fishing.   : )

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