Why Bach?

(Originally posted in January 2010)

Sometimes people ask me why I’m so into Bach.  They don’t just ask me that when I first tell them I love Bach; they ask me after they realize, following some one-on-one chat with me, that I have made some sacrifices for Bach study, and that Bach literally changed my life.  When they realize that my “I love Bach” is a bit different from your “I love Beethoven (and such),” they ask me why I’m so obsessed with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The reasons are manifold.  And perhaps most of them are something we all share — the same reasons why you love Bach.  His music sounds cool?  Sure.  Beautiful? Absolutely.  Powerful? Indeed.  Intellectually stimulating? Very much so.  But ultimately, for me, the most appropriate adjective to describe his music is, simply, ‘good.’

It is good music.  Goodness is the essence of his music.  His music is the truth, decency, humanity, integrity and love.  His music can show me the way of life.  His music embodies something metaphysical.  His music appeal to my reason and to my emotion at the same time.  To articulate this philosophically; Bach is the most effective trigger on getting to the next sphere… and perhaps I will elaborate on it here someday.

Obviously, there are so much more to be said about Bach.  I will revisit this theme with more thoughts and personal stories here in the future.  I promise.

Why Bach?  Because.

One thought on “Why Bach?

  1. I love Bach as well… and just like you I can’t really say why. I listen to the Goldberg Variations (some of them at least) and BWV1052 almost every single day… I just enjoy it without asking the ‘why’ question.

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